Bebe Car 3 in 1 Model Victory Fusion gray / black


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Specifications: – The weight of the chassis Chassis without wheels – . Approx. 7.6 kg – Weight of the chassis with wheels. Approx. 11 kg – grab handle, range of adjustment of height from the floor – 75 to 117 cm – the diameter of the front wheels. Approximately 25 cm – Rear Wheels Diameter – approx. 30 cm Chassis folded down with wheels – width approximately. 62 cm long approximately. 88 cm Height at its maximum point of approximately. 36 cm Baby carrycot: – The length of the carrycot in the interior – Approx. Approx. 80 cm – the width of the carrycot in the interior. 36 cm – the height of the sides of the carrycot in the interior – Approx. 22 cm – Distance between the bottom of the carrycot from the ground level – ca. 60 cm – the weight of the carrycot, together with the cab and the cover – ca. 5.2 kg – The total width of the stroller in its widest point Width – 62 cm – the maximum length of the truck (slope) – Handle for carrying the elevator – approx. 95 cm Buggy: – The length of the chair in lying position – approximately 92 cm – the width of the body in the interior – Approx 35 cm (Note: Large Width of the buggy, that provides comfort to your child, especially when the child has to be warm in cold season) – backrest height – approx. Approximately 54 cm – Seat Depth. Approximately 25 cm – length of the footrest in the down position. 20 cm – Distance between the bottom of the chair and the soil level – ca. 55 cm – Weight of the chair with the Cabin (ceiling) – ca. 5.8 kg Car Seat: (Cuckoo) – Length approx. 71 cm – Width approx.. 44 cm – depth – Approx. Approximately 30 cm – the weight of the cuckoo. 2.9 kg


  • Made according to EU Directive EN1888: Pram Victoy one includes:
  • Super lightweight steel and aluminium chassis, main length adjustable from 75 cm to 117 cm, insulated cover that covers the front of your body
  • Lower Basket Holder objects), fixed objects in the main grab bag
  • Carrycot (Gondola), buggy, Cuckoo (Car Seat) 0 – 10 kg
  • Free Mosquito Net, rain protective bubble free, free Balloon Pump and free wheels, hood
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